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"Time Meddlers on the Nile is an entertaining blend of historical fiction and science fiction that will appeal to readers of both genres."

-Kerri Hutchinson



Riveting Novel by Deborah Jackson is a Page-turning Treat

"With its fast-paced action and rich scientific details, this thriller is a pleasure to read."

-Apartment 613


I've moved!! My new website is This website will disappear in August. Please refer to my new site!

Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in my books.

I write for both children and adult readers. I consider myself an entertainer as much as an author, so you will find my stories laced with action, adventure and mystery.

Several years ago I wrote a novel called Ice Tomb, which is still quite popular with readers. At the moment I have no plans for a sequel, but I am working on another novel that will include space exploration and historical/mythological elements. This should take me some time to write as the research is rather involved.

Time Meddlers is a children’s time travel series that explores the boundaries of interference in history. These books were great fun to write and allowed me to research various historical periods and cultures, as well as speculate on the consequences of meddling. There are currently three books in the series with the potential for expansion.

My next release is an unusual story for mature teens. Mosaic is an experiment in structuring a novel to match its theme. It still has action, adventure and mystery, although it differs from my other novels in structure, as I mentioned, it is a ghost story rather than science fiction, and it also delves deeper into the psyche of the main character.






A car accident leaves Erin Rocheford, a seventeen-year-old hockey player, fractured, disfigured, near death.


A tale of an odd English pirate and his feisty captive—a story of defiance and decapitation—weaves itself into her mind.


Explore the fragments of Erin's mind as she fights terror and searches for strength on the mysterious island of Captiva.